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We understand the power of digital transformation. At HAND we leverage the cycle of life and business as we progress forward with groundbreaking technology and relationships.

Our work is backed by integrity and quality because the integrity of our work will provide lasting security. Provide your business with new solutions to accelerate as time progresses. HAND Enterprises USA, Inc. has access to new tools, technologies and resources that help you break through traditional business barriers. Work with us and your team will utilize the latest management tools to develop an intelligent operation.

Compamy Overview

20+ Years

Today, more Chinese and Japanese companies are expanding their business into the USA market. These companies are eager to look for a global IT consulting partner to support their global business in the United States with multilingual support, especially in Chinese and Japanese. In 2014 HAND open its first USA based office, which was based on Dayton OH, and then moved to Milpitas, CA in 2016.

We have over 20 employees and more than 50 subcontractors in 10 states. We offer global support for our existing global clients and also help local United States companies implement their ERP system at an affordable price. We can offer competitive rates by leveraging our on-site local consultants and our remote resource pool in Asia.

We are an innovative team; Hand is passionately embracing new-edge technologies that are being developed in Silicon Valley, especially in AI and IOT area. Our goal is to combine our traditional ERP service capability and the leading enterprise technology solutions to provide seamless integration and overall experience for our customers. Our knowledgeable staff will help your company break through traditional business barriers to help achieve greater success in the digital transformation era.

HAND Enterprises USA, Inc. has access to new tools, technologies, and resources to help your company grow and embrace efficiencies. We will work with your team to help your organization utilize the latest management tools to develop an intelligent operation.

 “We have a vision and aim to execute strategically.”


We don’t just visit China…we have headquarters in Shanghai, China!

HAND Enterprise Solutions is a leading global software solutions provider working to deliver your IT strategy, ERP solution implementations, and global technical support. We leverage our offshore and onshore teams from around the world to provide our customers with the most competitive, convenient, and reliable experience.

With offices around the world, we have complete flexibility, autonomy, and– most importantly– a mandate to aggressively help our clients’ grow their business by assisting them to implement state of the art applications to support their growth.

When you work with HAND Enterprise Solutions, you are backed by our 24/7 global support teams.








Lei Jin

SVP Global Delivery



SVP Sales


Jessica Feldman

Marketing Manager

When you hire HAND Enterprise, you mitigate risk and ensure ERP system implementation success.

  • Our maintenance service scope includes application support consulting, application support management and daily issue/BPO support.
  • We operate 24/7 across all time zones offering multi-lingual & on-site support teams across the globe.
  • We offer a complete line of support types including shared services, centralized services, and dedicated teams.
  • With a strong Asia-Pacific and USA collaboration our team can meet your offshore implementation needs.
  • We employ over 8,000 experts to ensure high-quality performance, diversity, and innovation.
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