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Corporate Information Technology (IT) consists many aspects, and it has been HAND’s consistent pursuit to enhance our IT service and product supply capability in an all-round manner. Today, HAND Enterprise Solutions USA, Inc. offers our services to the whole process of corporate management. Extending business from the traditional ERP to cover the fields of human resources, customer relationship management, asset management and a series of related business systems. While utilizing cooperate data to produce information to help to make company strategic decisions becomes a critical era. The HAND team is developing our business towards a higher level of data analysis management, middleware fusion and cloud computing service due to the “Big Data Era.” Meanwhile, we will also utilize our resources to extend our business to cover the more basic finance and human resources outsourcing, overseas development outsourcing and operation maintenance service and support. In this way, we will be able to enhance our service to our customers and also steadily reduce their cost with a more cost-effective solution.

AMS Methodology

Step 1: Planning and Preparation: Defining the Service Level Agreement (SLA)- which includes: service scope and type, setup baseline, method, criteria, support organization, contract, knowledge transfer (KT) planning.

Step 2: Knowledge Transfer: We have KT in various areas including: system knowledge & support process/relations. HAND must understand the business, processes, and technical knowledge based on the client’s operations.

Step 3: Shadow Support: The AMS service team provides both on-site and remote services. They will fix all defect types and discuss solutions with the customer team through parallel support.

Step 4: Stabilization: At this stage, the AMS service team will take over daily operations and formal support through on-site implementation and cut-over daily activities.

HAND Enterprise Solutions has service capabilities through all business life cycles. We have service capabilities for all main business products and can cover support in: Oracle, SAP, Microsoft, and more

Global Support and Multi-Language Support

Here at HAND, we offer global AMS support with both on-site and off-site services. We have several Global support centers around the world in China, Japan, Singapore,
India, and the U.S. Additionally, we offer clients a 24/7 cross-time zone support feature that allows our team to cover all timezones in the world within three separate
shifts. Our global team also has several sub-teams to provide total global coverage. HAND Enterprise Solutions provides services in many different languages to our
global clients including: Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, etc. We are able to set up service branches in global companies.

Our Offering

We use our HAND Integrated Service Management Suite (HiSMS) to provide ticket list reports, KPI analysis reports, and monthly AMS reports for our global clients in multiple languages. Additionally, HAND provides customers with a monthly report summary. For instance, how many tickets occurred during the specific timeframe, how many tickets were resolved, etc.

1.1 Professional Operation Maintenance Team

In 2012, based on its original customer service center and on-site business department, HAND set up its Application Management Service Department, which focused on providing all-round operation maintenance services for customers’ IT system operations.

The Application Management Service Department has more than 500 professional operation maintenance consultants, who formed top-grade operation maintenance teams in various application fields, such as DBA, Oracle and SAP. All these consultants have extensive knowledge and experience in execution and product developments. In addition to those, they had received specialized training on operation maintenance given by the department. “Customer Focus” is the center of department’s work philosophy and they are striving to achieve this goal with everyone’s dedication.

1.2 Enormous Customer Group

Currently, the Operation Maintenance Center of HAND has nearly 200 customers coming from various industries; some of which being enterprises directly under the central government or foreign enterprises. To name just a few, its customers include well-known domestic Internet giants such as Alibaba, NetEase, Inc. Sina.com and Sohu.com. Enterprises directly under the central government are China Mobile, Chinatex Corporation, Sino-Pharm Foreign Trade, Sino-Steel and CATIC. Foreign enterprises are Panasonic, ALCOA, Singapore KSD, and etc.

The number of HAND operation maintenance centers’ customers grows by more than 30% each year. Since the establishment of the Application Management Service Center, we have experienced increase of our foreign customers rapidly. Initially, there are operation maintenance centers located in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Beijing, Wuhan, Qingdao and Chengdu. In order to extend our services to our overseas customers, we have established branches in Tokyo and Singapore to provide operation maintenance services as well.

1.3 Great Operation Maintenance Model

After many years’ business development in operation maintenance and with the establishment of specialized operation maintenance department, HAND has formed many operation maintenance models such as remote, resident, remote + resident, and remote + on-site.  Besides those different operation models, HAND also provides professional operation maintenance services for various kinds of products, covering from Oracle EBS, HR, CRM, Agile PLM, Hyperion, BIEE, Java EE, Demantra, Peoplesoft, SAP EBS as well as overall or partial operation maintenance of back-end databases.

HAND provides proper service model and our professional service suggestions as reference to help the customers decide which model is the best for them based upon their business requirements.


1.4 Perfect Management System

HAND Application Management Service Department offers different carriers to provide better services based upon customer’s specific business needs.  Its open and co-sharing pattern of operation maintenance service also helps to ensure service quality and support operation.

The HISMS platform which specifically customized by HAND provides a professional operation maintenance environment with problem management and knowledge base management integrated together as a whole. These functions, together with the SLA (Service-Level Agreement), helps providing a quick, professional and systematic operation maintenance service.

HAND provides knowledge base co-sharing service, and is now working hard to build China’s biggest Chinese-language operation maintenance knowledge platform, which will be opened to all the customers of its Application Management Service Department.  This would give the 1st tier support personal of our customers and also provide HAND’s 2nd tier operation maintenance personnel to search, utilize, and learn from this centralized knowledge base system. 

For the customers who establish their operation maintenance department for the first time, HAND provides them with advices and services to help them building up their operation maintenance system. With ITIL design in mind, HAND helps them building IT service infrastructure quickly and efficiently, so as to avoid repeated investment and promote co-sharing of IT resources.

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