Headquartered in Shanghai, HAND has grown to more than 20 offices in different cities in China.  These offices range from development centers, training centers, support centers, and sales offices.  We also have offices in Tokyo and Singapore, which provides end to end ERP consulting, new implementations, localizations, add-on development and post-implementation support in Chinese, English and Japanese.  In addition, based on our 22 years’ experience in the market, we have built a win-win partner ecosystem with companies such as Alibaba, Tencent, JD, Huawei and third party IT service providers. Maximizing our partner’s capabilities, we also offer add-on services to our clients, especially in retail, e-commence and cloud hosting services. So if you want to do business and rollout your ERP system to Asia Pacific, please contact HAND as soon as possible.

When you hire HAND Enterprise, you mitigate risk and ensure ERP system implementation success.

  • Our maintenance service scope includes application support consulting, application support management and daily issue/BPO support.
  • We operate 24/7 across all time zones offering multi-lingual & on-site support teams across the globe.
  • We offer a complete line of support types including shared services, centralized services, and dedicated teams.
  • With a strong Asia-Pacific and USA collaboration our team can meet your offshore implementation needs.
  • We employ over 8,000 experts to ensure high-quality performance, diversity, and innovation.


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