Global Support Highlight:

  • Global Supporting (Flexible Supporting Package)
  • Non Stop 24 Hours Support
  • Various IT Solutions + Maintenance Service
  • Multi- Language Support
  • Incident Platform (Customization Supported)

HAND Enterprise Solutions has a robust team of offshore professionals in China servicing our global clients with the most modern tools and capabilities. Our offshore offerings span across the IT delivery pillars from large contact centers to complex ERP Business application delivery and support teams. We approach each client situation as a unique engagement method to ensure that maximum performance and value are delivered every time. Our offering is composed of 5 key components to ensure our clients get the best value and experience.

  • Requirements Gathering: We need to understand the business drivers and the expected results to confirm that we are all on the same page. Our services thrive to understand the people using our services and what their experience and expectations needs to be. This enables us to enter the requirement gathering phase with all critical elements clearly understood and documented.
  • Service Model Assessment: Partnering with our clients, we explore the various offshore options that best suit the client requirements. This evaluation is done not only from a cost perspective, but also heavily focused on HAND’s delivery capabilities and end user experiences in the potential target locations.
  • Service Model Setup: We work with our clients to develop an implementation and service delivery migration strategy. Our recommended approach is to start with a pilot, and always managing for risk. Our team executes against the selected strategy to successfully build and transition the in-scope services to the offshore facility.
  • Customer Control: HAND strives to provide the highest degree of transparency to all our clients. To that end, we provide customer access to the team servicing them through modern technology that enables the customer to visually communicate with their HAND team anytime the need arises. We also provide monthly reports on all activities done on behalf of our customers, this report include biometric access to the room where their service is provided.
  • Continuous Improvement: We proactively look to identify improvement opportunities that strengthen and evolve our clients business. These improvements need to bring additional value, and proactively eliminate issues before they actually occur.

When you hire HAND Enterprise, you mitigate risk and ensure ERP system implementation success.

  • Our maintenance service scope includes application support consulting, application support management and daily issue/BPO support.
  • We operate 24/7 across all time zones offering multi-lingual & on-site support teams across the globe.
  • We offer a complete line of support types including shared services, centralized services, and dedicated teams.
  • With a strong Asia-Pacific and USA collaboration our team can meet your offshore implementation needs.
  • We employ over 8,000 experts to ensure high-quality performance, diversity, and innovation.
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