This expense application helps companies reduce cost while alleviating COMPLIANCE issues.

40% Shorter Approval Cycles

Shorter approval cycles using mobile apps for travel and expense management.

60% Better Compliance

Better compliance when you use the Helios end-to-end travel and expense solution.


55% Lower Cost

Lower cost of every expense report transaction when you automate the process.

17% Direct Expense Savings

Direct expense savings with integrated partners.


Helios is an expense tracker app that helps companies reduce costs and alleviate compliance issues. While using Helios, your organization will resolve travel and expense management problems. Helios is a very sophisticated app that combines tracking travel & business expenses with e-invoicing & reimbursement. Helios incorporates the latest application technology and integration with back-end ERP’s. It integrates easily with all legacy systems including SAP and Oracle. Our predesigned integration provides a seamless process with your company’s ERP system. 

  • Using Helios – Expense Tracker App, your employees, have a shorter cycle time for expense invoicing & reimbursement while your organization increases overall productivity and efficiency. 
  • Helios – Expense Tracker App has a centralized data point whereby all information gets stored in the same secured server. Our security inspection system ensures data security for all users. Sensitive user information is encrypted and saved.

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