Azure is a comprehensive cloud services platform that developers and IT professionals can use to generate, deploy, and manage applications. It integrates tools, DevOps, and Marketplace, and support the efficient generation of anything from simple mobile apps to solutions. 

Why choose Azure?

  • Azure is relatively efficient for developers and speeds up application launch times. 
  • Is the only, consistent hybrid cloud on the market. 
  • You can use Azure to create data-driven smart apps. 
  • Unmatched security, privacy, transparency, and the highest comprehensive coverage of compliance that any cloud provider can’t provide. 

What are the Azure services we can provide?

Help users smoothly migrate IT services to public cloud, private cloud, and hybrid cloud to meet the needs of the cloud in different stages of the business, while avoiding the risks caused by the migratio

Provides price-competitive Azure virtual machine, network, storage, disaster recovery and other subscription services. 

24/7 Azure cloud operation and maintenance services and technical support

Cooperation with Hand Cloud Technology to provide Azure-based IoT implementation development. 

Customer Story :

An agricultural products trading enterprise-Azure migration Project 

Project Scope 

With the trend of large-scale application of cloud technology, more and more customers choose to migrate their local data centers to various cloud platforms. This project is to help customers migrate existing Singapore Azure subscriptions to the Hong Kong Azure subscription. 

Project requirements: The original azure various subscription configurations remain unchanged, the migration process to minimize downtime, to ensure that the migrated customer’s original application can be used properly. 


  • Using Azure Disk replication technology storage Explore to realize the migration of virtual machine data AzCopy 
  • Azure Backup Services (incremental, full) 
  • Azure Restore Backup Vault Services Recovery Service  
  • Azure disaster-tolerant site Recovery 
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additional Product Details:

Did you know that Microsoft Azure is one of the most advanced Cloud platforms available for business today? Azure hosting delivers scale and geographic reach with an infrastructure platform that is growing at an unprecedented rate.

Based on your business requirements and scope, you can deploy and manage your Microsoft Dynamics AX, NAV and GP application environments on any Microsoft Azure data center across the globe, including China where we have a home office.

Some popular features include:

  • Build and run highly available applications without focusing on the infrastructure
  • Automatic OS and service patching
  • Resilient to hardware failure
  • Use any language, framework or tool to build apps
  • Scale applications to any size
  • Unlimited server and storage potential
  • Only pay for the resources you use
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