You have made a huge technical leap, picked the perfect ERP solution for your business needs. Now you need to choose the right partner to support you. Pretty straightforward, right?

It is with HAND Enterprise Solutions.

For we work as a vital extension of your team. We use our experience and knowledge of not just the software but also your industry and business. We continually analyze and listen to your needs to tailor the solution. We take ownership and are accountable for our activities and services. We are flexible with offices around the world to the inevitable changes your organization will go through. And we empower your team with knowledge and best practices about the new solution so your team can maximize your solution’s use for your business.

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A proven methodology that guarantees results

Even the best ERP solutions cannot deliver the efficiency, agility and growth if not implemented properly. The HAND ERP implementation methodology is scalable, structured, phased, and more importantly, proven.

  • Ensure everyone clearly understands the business, its requirements, and the requirements of the project and document it all.
  • Explore the various offshore options and evaluate from the cost, our delivery capabilities, and end-user experiences perspective in the target locations.
  • Develop an implementation and service delivery migration strategy, and execute the selected strategy to successfully build and transition services to the offshore facility.
  • Access to our servicing team so you visually communicate with them along with monthly reports on all activities, including biometric access to rooms where service was provided.
Continuous Improvement
  • Proactively uncover improvement opportunities that bring additional value and eliminate issues before they actually occur.

Breadth of services to support your long-term vision

ERP is usually not a one-time activity, rather, the first step in a business transformation strategy.  Our breadth of services includes post-implementation services such as training, customer support, upgrades, and reviews to support your long-term vision.

Need to strategize your application architecture or define your global rollout? HAND has expert insights to plan the right approach. And if the Asia Pacific is your focus, look no further. As part of the largest IT consulting firm in China, we have unparalleled expertise in the Asia Pacific business landscape.

Gain from a structured phased and scalable implementation methodology – perfected for over two decades. Our implementation approach leverages SAP’s new activate methodology, is iterative and flexible. We work with you every step of the way so you can derive the maximum value from your ERP system.

Choose from shared services, centralized services or dedicated teams and get 24/7 support across all time zones in multiple languages –Mandarin, Cantonese Chinese, Japanese, Bahasa, Hindi, Tamil, Korean, Spanish, French, German, and English.

Looking to upgrade your current SAP instance? Or just add scanning capabilities? Our team has just the expertise you need and will find a cost-effective way to enhance or upgrade your system. And we have tried-and-true enhancements in several business areas – from actual costing to manufacturing execution, collaboration manufacturing, resource management, and more.

Need to create custom forms or mobile applications? HAND has the right team ready to get cracking. And if you need to do it in China, HAND has the best team to cater to all your needs.

Here at HAND we work with a variety of businesses in various industry verticals. 


Gain more than a business software solution

Get a partner that blends technical, business and industry acumen and decades of experience to ensure your solution meets your business objectives. At HAND Enterprise Solutions, we understand that ERP systems are about business, not technology. We treat ERP solutions more like business initiatives than technology initiatives. That’s why so many enterprises trust us.

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Ready to take the implementation leap?

Learn about the business software benefits HAND enterprise Solutions offer. With offices in Shanghai, China, and California, USA, we meet your requirements locally and globally.

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Find the perfect fully integrated, business system that will meet your needs. Understand how to achieve a quality ERP solution implementation.

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